About me

So my hobbies are cosplaying, arts, music and sports. I love AniMa and most of all Trinity Blood and Naruto.

I have a toplist for them:


Trinity Blood


One Piece





and so on..

I Play guitar and I like to draw. I dislike hypocrites and haters. At Cons I want to see a respectfull Treatment to each other and I hope I will get to know many of you at those Conventions. If not, there always will be the Option to send me a message.




Alesana, Motionless in White, Bullet for my Valentine, Iron Maiden, Dir en Grey, LM.C, The GazettE, Versailles, Linkin Park, Black Label Society, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses


I like to visit conventions and I have a great wish. Anytime in future I want to go to America, just for seeing the greatest CON's in world. I don't know, but I hope this can be great!